I have asked myself this question several times and can answer it within a blink of an eye, but never knew how I meant it until this moment.
This is me below, on a hospital bed three days after the good doctor and nurses had put me back to shape (they just took the syringe drip out of my veins). Sorry, I could not bear to snap the worst pictures of myself at the worst moment of my life lying helpless on the hospital bed with all the medical machines hooked on me. Honestly, taking a selfie did not occur to me while I was battling for my life for three days.

My habits? Oh, yeah, my habits. I hate hospitals with all my heart, I can’t bear the sight of syringes and the smell. I’m in my 30s (still single), and I’ve never been to a hospital for medical purposes for more than twenty years. The last I recall was when I was a boy of eight years or thereabout, and I screamed my might out of the hospital. I don’t fall sick (at least I thought so). Go for periodic medical check-ups? Chuck it, I don’t need it—I am super healthy.
Eating a good diet? Oh not again! Eating is my major issue, I can stay for almost 24 hours without eating any food and I will feel okay (even right now as I write I’m still thinking of what to eat and it’s almost 11 am—at least I’m generous enough on myself to have drunk a glass of water earlier). If I finally decide to eat, junk foods or snacks and a bottle of minerals are readily available to chow down. So, eating a balanced diet? What does that mean? I, for sure don’t know what it means. To be honest, I need every money I could make to survive the hyperinflation destroying my country (thanks to our super corrupted political system), so skipping food to save money is a good business and I am good at it. At least I could pay my ever-increasing bills and the cost of living—I need a lesson in prioritizing the essentials.

I’m a hardworking dude; I worked harder for the little income I earned monthly. I worked in the rain and the sun; I trekked for hours on daily basis to save the cost of transportation, most often on empty stomach and I felt cool with these habits. If I feel feverish, I self-medicate with over-the-counter drugs to save hospital bills.
I never knew my body was keeping tabs on my shit until it told me, “enough dude! Down you go.” Indeed I went down, it was so surreal! My strength left me completely, I could not walk, could not eat (when it dawned on me I desperately have to eat quickly), and even my voice sounded like the voice of a stranger talking in me. It was not funny at all but terrifying! I have heard about people collapsing, now I experienced it thrice! It was as if someone cast a spell on me. Everybody’s face around me turned to double, darkness clouded my eyes and stars (what appeared like little stars) began to dazzle me, people gathered around me speaking but I could hear not a single sound! I spoke back too but could not hear the sound of my voice! This was so terrifying. All I knew at that moment was my inner voice pleading “Jesus, please save me, save me”. Jesus indeed saved me when I landed on a hospital bed, and I believe He would want me to take good healthy habits seriously.
This was the worst moment of my life and it was so terrifying. I realised that death is never far away from us, and to die is so easy. Doctors found, among others: typhoid high, malaria very high, a stomach ulcer has set in, and worst of all low blood pressure—they said no food in my blood system. Wow, I never knew not eating could be a problem.
For the first time in my life, in the month of September 2022 AD, I found myself in a hospital and spent three days getting my life back. The doctor was kind and the nurses super friendly—they even force-fed me.
Now, what’s most important in life than ‘LIFE’ itself? Yes, your life is the most important in life, cherish it dearly while you still have it because it does not have a duplicate. Don’t damage your health, PLEASE I BEG YOU. I know my medical case was almost a self-inflicted one and ‘trivial’, and I feel deeply sad for those with serious medical cases. The main point is ‘ANYTHING’ can kill a man! Life is so fragile. Stay healthy everyone.

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