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Flyer Design

Tundenny offers high quality flyer handbills design at affordable price. You could specify your design and we will create it for you.

Logo Design

Tundenny is a professional in all aspects of logo designs such as 3D Logos, 2D Logos using Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Business Card

Quality and professional modern Business card Tundenny is good at it. Contact to get a quote.

You will Love His Designs


Sulaimon Babatunde well known as Tundenny is a Professional Nigerian Graphic Designer. He is a visual Content Creator, good in all kinds of designs such as Business Card, Flyer Handbill, Flex Banner, Poster, Show Designs, Logo Design and lot more. Email: tubabanoni@gmail.com and tubabanoni01@gmail.com. WhatsApp: +2348027041883

Artistic Logo

Masterfully crafted logo, the best of the best in quality graphics

our works speak

We are among the best in the visual art world

Trendy Flyer


We could get that graphics done. We have excellence creative artist to give you the best.

Lady's Brand

Make-Up Artist

Trendy and classic, every make-up artist passion

Artisan Pride

Artisan World

Cool design for creative artisan


Welcome to Our World

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