First of all, I would like to establish who I am as I pen down this controversial mystery, I received directly from God Almighty through the gift of prophecy of the Holy Spirit. I am not a scientist, so bear with me my rough details; maybe one day, after I mature fully in Spirit fuller details will be revealed to me.

I am a Christian, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the calling, gifted with abundant spiritual gifts through divine grace. I will say no more of me than this.

Now, having said who I am I will proceed to tell some mysteries, controversial mysteries of this wonderful planet earth we all call our home. Controversial in the sense that I can’t prove them scientifically yet but there are branches of science that have been purporting this possibility due to myriads of strange sightings and experiences that defied the natural law of science.

Now, the bombshell? You will have it right away. We humans are not the only ‘Homo Sapiens’ that live on this planet. We are the last to ever appear on earth. Older species of human-like beings have been existing before human beings first appear. God created everything, including creatures that evolved through evolution and modern humans who were ‘created in God’s image’. Yes, evolution theory has a solid point, and the story of creation also has a solid point—God Almighty produced all of them according to His pleasure. Some creatures evolved over thousands and millions of years, but modern humans were CREATED as we are! Modern humans coexisted with other humanoids (for your notification God did not categorise these human-like creatures as subspecies of human beings, it is modern science that gave names and attributed them to subspecies of modern human beings. In God’s view, they were creatures that walked the earth. They fell under the category of every living thing [according to the Bible: “And God said let the earth bring forth the LIVING CREATURE after its kinds…And God made the BEAST of the earth after his kind” Gen.1:24-25.]. All these human-like creatures fell under the category of LIVING CREATURE in God’s view, mankind is the only species God made in HIS image and named—modern science did their research and named some of these creatures as subspecies of modern humans). Unfortunately, all these human-like creatures (some of which predated modern humans by thousands and millions of years) could not survive the earth’s changes and died out, leaving modern humans to propagate and populate the earth.

So, pardon evolutionists for mixing everything and denying modern humans coexisted with some evolving human-like creatures—they were just following their solid pieces of evidence. However, no one knows the actual date God created modern humans according to the story of the creation narrated in the Holy Bible. Those seven days of creation are prophetic and not literal days. A day before God is ‘like’ one thousand years before God—Paul the apostle said this in the Bible. Understand this comparison called ‘simile’ in literary diction. Apostle Paul did not say a day before God ‘IS’ a thousand years on earth but ‘LIKE’ a thousand years. A day before God could be a thousand years or a million years or a billion years on earth, no one knows for sure—except God Himself—this is quite fascinating. So, the seven days of creation in the Bible are prophetic, God’s days that could be thousands or millions or billions of years. One thing I know for sure, God created everything before the first modern humans named Adam and Eve. Other humanoid creatures were part of the creations before Adam and Eve. Some of these humanoids, by their physiques, were meant to evolve and keep evolving until the creation of modern humans in the image and likeness of God, to be in a relationship with Him (I think God was experimenting with human-like creatures before He finally decided to create a pair of humans to look like Him in image and likeness, and have dominion over everything on earth that predated them), while the other human-like creatures fizzled out slowly.

This is a hard mystery and a controversial one, but it is the truth. There is the probability that the sons of Adam co-mixed with the females of some of these human-like creatures through marriage, some of them must have been at the advanced stage in their evolutionary chain to make their DNA compatible with modern humans. Remember, Adam and Eve had sinned before they mate sexually to produce children after they were driven from the Garden of Eden into the world—there were other creatures in the world before them. Sin had come into the world, and modern human pairs (Adam and Eve) were no longer pure after their disobedience in the Garden of Eden where they were created. There was no moral law back then, the sons of Adam and Eve could have mingled with other human-like creatures the Bible termed LIVING CREATURE in their advanced stage of evolution through sex or married their sisters—they had all sinned and fell short of the glory of God so no sense of prevailing morality to forbid this unholy union. In comparison, in our modern time, it is no longer new to hear or sees healthy human beings having sex with animals. This unholy union did not just start in our times, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ according to the Bible. The ‘other people’ Cain referred to that might want to kill him after God punished him for killing his brother could be the other human-like creatures already in their advanced stage of ascent to be a possible threat to a human population just like a pride of lions could decimate a human settlement and kill every one of them.

Everything I have said so far is just for our cooperate world, the physical world we live and feel on earth. There are other worlds on earth too and all of them predated the human world. This is hard to take in without solid scientific evidence, I know—but I say the truth. Science only knows what can be felt and seen by our human senses. Unfortunately, our human senses are grossly inadequate and nothing we can do about it, it is how we are made. Our world is the weakest, most polluted and most corrupted among all the world on earth.

We don’t have the technology yet to visit other worlds, but they have the technology to visit ours, play with our defence, and study how we live, which they have been doing—they are our elders after all. Some of the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) playing hide-and-seek with our puny technology in the sky are not from space but from other worlds that we share this same earth with. I have been to two of these worlds recently ‘yesterday’ (a day before I pen down this text), and one or two other worlds outside the planet earth. I will share my experience subsequently. I must add that at the moment of penning down this text I am not mature enough to comprehend the mysteries of these worlds and give comprehensive details. Perhaps some other times when God who took me through the journey train me to full maturity.



Now I will narrate my journeys, I feel sad that I have lost some crucial details due to satanic forces that stoutly opposed me from telling these. As a growing vessel of God through Christ Jesus, I still have my human limitation (forgetfulness), which satanic enemies used to make me lose crucial details of my soul travel to the other worlds on earth. Hopefully, in part two I shall have overcome these limitations and present solid details.

I state clearly that I have no power of my own, I am an apostle of Christ Jesus, a vessel of honour unto God Almighty (Yahweh). Writing is part of my spiritual duty to God, He specifically chose me, told me so and trained me to be competent in writing mysteries He will reveal to the world through me. I praise His Holy Name.

On this particular night on the third day of December 2022 AD, I was depressed in spirit; I felt I was no longer useful to God due to some tough situations or challenges I was facing. I communed throughout the night with God through solemn prayer, meditation, songs and hymns until past midnight. Shortly after I lay down to sleep I felt His Spirit heavily on me, I became restless in bed.

God appeared to me (I mean His presence appeared to me and not His feature) and took me away in spirit. He told me to write down what he was about to show me (recall that I felt useless to Him before the experience. The truth is no one is useless to God, He can use anyone and everyone if He chooses to do so). He took me through other worlds and some part of the heavens—though I declined to explore part of the Hell region. I will spare you details of these but two worlds fascinated me. One entrance to these worlds is through the ground and the other through the atmosphere.

God made me know that the earth is unequally divided between different worlds. There are other worlds on earth too; our human world is the youngest, weakest, most polluted and most corrupted. It takes a high level of maturity and responsibility to maintain a cleaner world, which we humans have not achieved yet.

I will say something about the two worlds that fascinated me, though I don’t have the fuller details yet. This was my first journey, God used it to encourage me that I am not useless to Him—I praise my God, the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The first world God took me to is through the solid ground of the earth. There is an entrance to this world visible only to those who live in it, have the supernatural ability to visit or are mysteriously invited by the inhabitant of this world and taken there. There is an equilibrium serving as a barrier between this world and ours. An elderly but very strange ‘man’ I met shortly after I arrived in this world (the inhabitants are just like us albeit much more developed, advanced and intelligent than us). According to this strange ‘man’ narrative, if we humans need evidence of the existence of their world we will have to drill deeper and deeper into the earth’s crust (through water, through gas, through fossil fuel, through minerals etc.) to get to the very end and then turn our drill westward. I have to add that I do not understand what this ‘man’ meant by this, which is not surprising to me if you find yourself among people far more developed, far more advanced and far more intelligent than ordinary human beings. According to this ‘man’ no human technology now and in foreseeable future can achieve this fit. What surprised me the most is the number of churches already established in this world. I was made known that Christ Jesus was there too during his ministration on earth to minister in this world. This revelation flashed my mind back to the portion of the Holy Bible where Jesus said “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and shall be one-fold and one shepherd.” John 10:16 KJV. Jesus was also ministering in this world before he started in our world at the age of 30 years.

The second world that also fascinated me is the atmosphere. This world is far larger than our world. The people are just like us but of more colour variation and taller height. There are white skin, black skin, bluish skin, purplish skin, greyish skin and so on. Their technology is far superior to ours and has achieved zero pollution. Their flying crafts have no propulsion like ours, no smoke, no noise, no carbon emission etc. this is a wonderful world.

These worlds are not demonic, the people are not aliens from space, distant galaxies etc. they live on earth too in their worlds, technologically advanced enough to play hide-and-seek in our world. Of course, in my astral journey, I saw traces of ancient lives on other planets but was more fascinated by the worlds among us.

I pen down this text on this fourth day of December in the year 2022AD. This part of my journey is not detailed enough because I was not prepared and spiritually mature enough to grasp everything God wants me to see and pen down. I hope in my subsequent journeys I will have more details of the worlds that we share this planet with. I can only hope science will have something to show that we are not alone on earth.



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