Trilove Media is a creative enterprise with broad range of services that centre on computer technology, media (Video production, Audio production, multi-media advert), creative writing, Script writing, manuscript editing, freelance journalism, cinematic arts and tutorial in related fields.

Find below the list of our services

Video Production

(1). Video coverage (2). Video shooting (3). Video Documentary (4). Video Research (5). Video Interview (5). Multi-Media Advert

Website Design

1.Website Development 2. WordPress CMS 3. SEO 4. Google Analytic 5. Google Ad


(1). Picture Editing (2). Photo Album Production (3). Photo Shooting (4). Picture Documentary (5). Event Photo Shooting

Tutorial Services

(1). Computer Tutorial (2). Creative Writing Tutorial (3). Academic Tutorial: WAEC NECO UTME TOEFL (4). Home/Private Tutorial Service (5). Online Tutorial

Computer Services

1.Graphics Design (2). Logo Design (3). Computer Sales & Servicing (4). Computer Installations (5). Online Research/Surfing (6). Microsoft Office Packages; PowerPoint Design/Presentation Excel Sheet Database Analysis/Statistics Microsoft Typesetting

Freelance Writing

(1). Creative Writing (2). Speech Writing (4). Manuscript Editing/Proof Reading (5). Script Writing/Screenplay (6). Academic Text Design/Writing (7). Ghost Writing (8). Journalistic Writing/Reporting (9). Business Plan/Project Creation (10). Business Research/Branding/Structuring (11). Press Release

Book Publishing

(1). Online E-book Publishing (2). Book Layout Design (3). ISBN (4). Cover Page Layout/Design (5). Magazine Production/Layout Design (6). Online E-books Sales

Our services are affordable and flexible 

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