Trilove Publishers (a division of Trilove Art & Media) offers online publishing services. We publish ebooks and in other virtual formats for direct purchase on our online bookshop. We also catalogue on other major book distribution channels, such as Amazon. The signed form should be sent to

Our Terms:

Our contract agreement is for two years at most (could be renew per request).

You have the sole right to your book (s), you can terminate the agreement in written to us but agrees to pay for the expenses that we may have incurred in the course of working on your book (s).

You can provide us the ISBN or accept that we purchase one on your behalf.

You agree to partner with us to market/promote your book(s); we will offer you marketing plans from marketers as often as available.

You agree to make your book ready for publication and online sales. Per your request we could contract editors to have your book edited at the cost to you.

By choosing any of our packages you have the sole right to fix the price, offer discount and retain 100% profit of the sales. Our job is to serve as platform for your book (s), we get our income from the package you purchase from us. We will work with you from the beginning till the finish product.

Publishing industry is a highly competitive one, we will do our best to promote your book but CANNOT guaranty specific sale. Buyers always have the choice to buy or not, we cannot influence their choice.

We will furnish you accounting report of your book (s) every quarter, depending on the package you purchase.

below is our packages:

N. B: We accept three consecutive payments. Payment should be issued in the name of TRILOVE ARTMED.  Please click the golden icon to go to payment page. We will sign at your first payment.

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