There is future with us, build your career with us! We are always open for talented artists, illustrators, media experts to grow the vision of Trilove Media. Vacancy is available in different sectors and we have opportunities for ‘Skilled Applicants’ Unskilled Applicants’ and ‘Contract Applicants’.   


For a skilled applicant certain qualification is needed, including commendable practical experience. Download the applicant form below, filled in the required details carefully and mail it back to us via; or send it to our Whatsapp line: +2348101803214.


Applying as unskilled applicant no special qualification is required. However, your practical experience in related job applying for matters. Kindly download the form below, fill in the required details and mail it back to us for consideration. (; WhatsApp: +2348101803214)


We are into networking of professionals in related fields. So, we have opportunity for contract applicants that can partner with us to get the job done. Should you prefer this kindly download the form below and fill in the required details. If we accept to add you to our network of professionals we will contact you for any job for you to handle on our behalf, based on your field of expertise.

Mail to form to; WhatsApp: +2348101803214

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