“Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.” Rev. 22:12 NIV
Understand that there is nothing new to add to the prophecy of the Holy Bible; but through grace given freely in Christ Jesus, some of us apostles, or prophets (each according to his/her divine office) have the grace to peep beyond ordinary realm and see marvellous wonders of the Most High God.
The Lord God has been making Himself known to human race from the beginning of the world; He has been making His ways known to us, His plans accessible in countless ways. His ultimate gift to humans manifested in the person of Jesus Christ, who then made God’s plans and purposes clearer to us.
The beginning of this world and its end are wrapped in baffling mysteries, of which the Bible had told us most of them through spiritually encoded prophesies written in the Book of Revelation—a reverend portion of the Bible shrouded in prophetic mysteries that have been unfolding. Now the Great Harvest approaches and the cauldron of travail of the saints is still cooking.
Herein this office I function, an Apostle of Christ, warrior prophet of Jehovah God, however unschooled and slow in speech I am the anointing is heavy on me; I feel it every second of my life. So, I do not write to teach or reveal what the Bible has not said before, but to add clarity to that which has been foretold in the Bible.
I pen down this vision on this day, being the 19th day of the month of January 2019 AD. At the first light of the day, before the break of dawn, I was still lying on my bed in a single room where I live alone and unmarried (still in my youth) when the Spirit of the Living God fell on me, and then the scene around me changed (this experience I am familiar with, I must add). I looked at the sky and beheld a male angel whose glorious appearance dazzled the firmament. He had a mighty cup in his hand, made of exceedingly high quality gold that added glory to the dazzled firmament. The angel was streaking across the face of heaven in great speed. I saw another angel of greater size that would fit twenty men put together, and exceedingly glorious appearance that filled the firmament like powerful golden lights. This great male angel had a very big golden trumpet in his hand as if he was about to blow it. He too was streaking across the face of heaven after the first angel in amazing speed. In my spirit state I wondered where they were hastening to.
The scene changed; I beheld great travails befell the saints of Christ, those that were found blemished and unfaithful at the arrival of Christ the Lord of Harvest so missed the rapture. Now, it would be by their own blood and by their own sacrifices that they shall inherit the Kingdom of God.
Satanic kingdom would dominate the earth in those days, so this kingdom brought great travails upon these saints. Off all their sufferings and persecutions this struck me the most—a terrible evil being done on them. Some of them arrested and tortured for not embracing the ruling power but stood firm in Christ, ghoulish scientists performed experiment on them. They were transformed into man-made, flesh eating, disease ridden demons and unleashed into the sanctuary of the saints.
The diseases spread among the saints; I saw brethren turned on brethren eating one another alive! Cannibalism ensured in the camp of the dieseas struck brethren, engineered by the ruling satanic kingdom and its scientists. The sight of blood, torn bodies and horrible carnage as ‘Christian’ turned on one another in ferocious cannibalism. They became zombie-like, disease-struck, fleshing eating, ferocious man-made demons—this evil spread across the camps of these saints.

“…Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb! …” Rev.19:9 NIV

The vision is clear, the angels are preparing for the Great Super of the saints that will take place in heaven. Jesus, while on earth said “For I tell you I will not drink again from the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.” Luke 22:18 NIV.
The golden cup I saw is for Christ, the LORD of the super, and the trumpet is for the call of the saints (which will take place soon, though we don’t know when).
This calls for sombre reflection, let the saints be prepared to partake in the rapture and in the wedding super the angels are preparing at the bidding of Christ the Lord of heaven. Be in the habit of evaluating you Christian life, know your sins, confess them and seek amendment with the Lord Jesus lest He leave you behind at His second coming.

For the saints in Christ: “Lord Jesus, in humility and supplication I atone for my sins. I hold unto my righteousness which you have purchased for me by your blood, shed on the cross. Keep me in your vineyard, make me watch and pray so that I will be found fit to be united with you on your arrival to take your saints from this evil world.”

For salvation: “I kneel at the foot of the cross of salvation, confessing my sins and ungodly ways to you Jesus the saviour. Cleanse me from my sins, cloth me with your righteousness and cause me to walk with you faithfully as I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. O God of heaven shine your light on me, shower me with your mercy, forgive my sins as I accept your SON Jesus Christ into my life. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Peace of the Living God be with you, I pray.

Samuel Olusegun Akinola
26th January 2019


Olusegun Akinola


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