It is not financially advisable to overdraft your credit card but sometimes it does happen. Having a credit card to cover your expenses in this scenario could come as a reprieve. However, there is a limit to how much you can overdraft on your credit card; every financial services provider or institution set a limit, which is prudent for you not to attempt overreaching. Just stick to your credit budget; you will do fine by spending wisely.

Costco Company’s credit card issued by Citi Visa has a credit limit, starting from $250 to $5000 at most. You can call this a raise, which is rightly so. However, you can request for a raise in credit limit on your credit card, provided you have a record of accomplishment of prompt re-payment, good transactions, no default payment and so on.

Costco Company

Costco® is also known as Costco Wholesale Corporation. It is an American Wholesale Club or Warehouse Club that operates retail stores. These chains of stores sell merchandise products at discounted prices to club members. The club members are registered paid members who have to renew their membership yearly at the same fees. Costco® headquarters are located at Issaquah in Washington

Costco Wholesale Corporation was founded in 1983. The company sells huge quantities of supermarket items and luxurious goods. Besides operating retail stores, some of these stores also have ancillary businesses that trade in other products and services.

Costco Wholesale Corporation has more than 800 stores spread all over the world. The company has more than five hundred stores alone in the United States. It has locations too in countries such as Mexico, Japan, Canada and China. The company also has subsidiaries such as Costco Travel and Kirkland.

Costco credit card

Costco Company makes use of a Visa® credit card that is issued by Citibank. The card is used anywhere in the world where a Visa® card is acceptable. Two types of credit cards exist for Costco members: The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card and Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card.

On both cards Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card and Costco Anywhere Visa® Card you get to enjoy Costco Cash Rewards when you purchase with your account.

You will get 4% cash back on a gas you purchase at eligible stations worldwide that amounts up to $7,000 in the first year, thereafter the percentage will drop to 1% yearly.

You will get 3% cash back on shopping at restaurants eligible for the benefit anywhere worldwide.

You get to benefit from 2% cash back on anything you purchase in Costco retail stores and on

Lastly, you will benefit from 1 % cash back on every purchase you make at non-eligible stores worldwide using your Costco Visa® Credit Card. Costco will issue you a benefit certificate yearly with which you can make a purchase or redeem cash.

Costco raise credit limit

A credit card limit is an amount the card provider or the issuing bank is willing to borrow from the credit card user. It is the maximum amount made available for the card user to use on the credit card. The main purpose of the limit is to keep the user from spending beyond his or her means. Nevertheless, the limit could be frustrating and drag down the user, especially in times of emergency.

Costco Visa®’s credit limit is set at $250 minimum with a likely raise up to $5,000 provided the card user has a clean debt re-payment record, good transactions history and acceptable credit scores.

Visa® Credit Card Limit Raise

A limit on your Costco Visa® credit card could be frustrating, luckily the company made provision for further raise should you request for it—you have to be eligible or else the request will get turned down. Your eligibility is tied to your income record, prompt debt repayment track, transactions history and total credit scores.  Your credit card could receive a limit raise anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000.

Costco® did not give full details on how to request for credit card limit increase; nevertheless, your account must be at least six months old with good track records of transaction and payment history.

Three ways you can request for credit limit increase

Membership Account: You have the option to request a credit limit increase in your membership account online.

Email Address: You can request an email message. Send your request message to Costco email and follow up.

Phone Call: Call the Costco service line to speak with their agent and promptly follow all the requirements to get an increase in your credit card limit.



Costco® Warehouse Clubs is a reputable company based in the United States. The company operates over eight hundred retail stores across the countries and more retail stores in other countries. The retail stores sell supermarket items, luxurious products and other merchandise to membership-only customers who make use of Visa® credit card issued by Citibank to make purchases either online on or at Costco stores. The Visa® credit card has a minimum limit that can be raised automatically or per the request of the credit card user. To get a raise the user can make a direct request either online, by email address or by direct phone call. it is highly expected of the user to have a track record of credit transactions, re-payment history and viable income to be able to get an increase beyond the limit placed on the card.


  1. Will I get a credit card limit increase if I request it?

Ans: Probably yes, you will, as long as you don’t have a history of default re-payment, bad transaction record and so on.

  1. What is the maximum limit I can get?

Ans: The maximum is capped at $10,000. However, there are cases of users capping more than this amount. The decision lies with Costco® base on your transaction history.



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