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Introduction Dad is frugal living? This pisses you off, huh? His frugal lifestyle is way out of acceptability, you want him to stop, perhaps? It does not sound bad if Dad purchases that fancy brand of shoes you’ve had your eyes on, right? How about a dinner at that high-class restaurant where you can come across ‘A-listed stars and pose for an autograph? Assuming Dad earns a salary of $300, $500 goes to settle house rent. Now he is left with $2,500. Energy and water bills take $200 out of the money (let’s be conservative with this figure, it could be higher), so he is now left with $2,300—still high you think? Medical bills for the household (four-person family) in a month are roughly $300 (way too low I think). Family feeding in a month (grocery shopping and the rest) takes $600 from the salary. He must also plan for his children’s education, don’t you think so? You agreed he must. So, $600 goes into education funds for his two children (you and your kid’s sister). How much is left? $800, right? What about Grandma in hospice? Alright, $ 300 goes to settle the bills. He must transport to work. Maybe he has a car, am I correct? Yeah, it is, so $100 goes to fill the gas for the new month. At least he is a good daddy, your kid’s sister likes sweet candies, and you don’t mind eating McDonald’s once a month—so $100 goes to take care of that. How much is now left? $3oo? It is proper to save for rainy days, so $200 takes care of that. The last 100 bucks are now gold in his eyes. He has to keep it on himself in case emergency needs arise. Month after month this circle continues. Living a frugal lifestyle is it worth it? This is an interesting question with a simple answer. Yes, it is worth it. Even if you have the whole money in the world you should still spend wisely to derive maximum value for your money. The world economy is going downhill; the cost of living is skyrocketing, so it is important to plan the best way to manage your money frugally. That is, to spend economically even though you have the whole money in the world. No harm could be done if you spend frugally. Remember, you can be frugal and still be generous towards other people. You spend your money on things that are essential to life carefully. Frugal living, is it that bad Frugal living is the practice of taking an informed and considered approach to your financial spending. It is an approach to how you spend your money to maximize its value. You plan thoroughly and spend wisely to derive value for your money. You buy what is needful after considering the best alternatives and spend money on the essential things after checking for the best-discounted prices. Is frugality bad? The answer would be no, it is not. Frugal is used for a person who is very careful about the way they spend money and live economically. Someone who is stingy is more hesitant to spend money even when the circumstances truly warrant it. Essential tips for frugal living. Here is a story for you, a real-life story. Two friends wanted a pair of shoes each. The first guy, being a lover of flashy things went to a fancy boutique and bought the shoe for an amount worth $150. His friend disagreed with the price, went to a convenience store, and bought the shoe (still in fantastic shape) for a little less than $30. Five years later the friend was still making heavy use of his shoes, while the first guy’s shoes barely lasted a year. The issue is not being stingy or lacking taste. The friend hated stinginess and did have a quality taste. The issue most often has to do with outrageous prices that don’t make sense. The first tip you should know is to plan your budget. Make note (physically or mentally) of what are essentials and ways to get them at the best-discounted prices. Take note of this, quality products or services are not known because of high price tags but long-ended added value. Looking for the best-discounted price does not make you look cheap but makes you reasonable—this is the second tip. Take another instance, a frugal living dude needs a wristwatch, and the products made available are of unequal price. Let’s say one is worth $100 and the other $60, both of them are durable and serve the same function. The dude will likely go for the $60 wristwatch as both of them perform the same function and save himself $40. However, if the $100 wristwatch has added functionality such as can monitor blood pressure, and real vital signs of the body to maximize your good health he probably will likely go for it (as long as he has enough money) just for its added value. This is wise spending; you should spend wisely. Conclusion Dad’s frugal living is majorly to manage his finances and provide adequately for his family. Frugal is not a negative thing, is the practice of taking the best approach to manage your money and how you spend it based on the priority of the essential things. FAQ 1. Can everyone have a frugal life? Ans: The answer is no, everyone cannot frugal life. Life does not go the same way for everyone but you can try your best to make wise decisions in your financial life. 2. Is frugal living the best lifestyle? Ans: I will not say yes or no because this is not a yes or no question. Life is too complex to quickly categorize it into black or white. One thing for sure is that there are things that will work best for you that are acceptable in the wider world. You alone can find what it is. EmailSamuel Akinola



I have asked myself this question several times and can answer it within a blink of an eye, but never knew how I meant it until this moment. This is me below, on a hospital bed three days after the good doctor and nurses had put me back to shape (they just took the syringe drip out of my veins). Sorry, I could not bear to snap the worst pictures of myself at the worst moment of my life lying helpless on the hospital bed with all the medical machines hooked on me. Honestly, taking a selfie did not occur to me while I was battling for my life for three days. THE HABITS My habits? Oh, yeah, my habits. I hate hospitals with all my heart, I can’t bear the sight of syringes and the smell. I’m in my 30s (still single), and I’ve never been to a hospital for medical purposes for more than twenty years. The last I recall was when I was a boy of eight years or thereabout, and I screamed my might out of the hospital. I don’t fall sick (at least I thought so). Go for periodic medical check-ups? Chuck it, I don’t need it—I am super healthy. Eating a good diet? Oh not again! Eating is my major issue, I can stay for almost 24 hours without eating any food and I will feel okay (even right now as I write I’m still thinking of what to eat and it’s almost 11 am—at least I’m generous enough on myself to have drunk a glass of water earlier). If I finally decide to eat, junk foods or snacks and a bottle of minerals are readily available to chow down. So, eating a balanced diet? What does that mean? I, for sure don’t know what it means. To be honest, I need every money I could make to survive the hyperinflation destroying my country (thanks to our super corrupted political system), so skipping food to save money is a good business and I am good at it. At least I could pay my ever-increasing bills and the cost of living—I need a lesson in prioritizing the essentials. I’m a hardworking dude; I worked harder for the little income I earned monthly. I worked in the rain and the sun; I trekked for hours on daily basis to save the cost of transportation, most often on empty stomach and I felt cool with these habits. If I feel feverish, I self-medicate with over-the-counter drugs to save hospital bills. I never knew my body was keeping tabs on my shit until it told me, “enough dude! Down you go.” Indeed I went down, it was so surreal! My strength left me completely, I could not walk, could not eat (when it dawned on me I desperately have to eat quickly), and even my voice sounded like the voice of a stranger talking in me. It was not funny at all but terrifying! I have heard about people collapsing, now I experienced it thrice! It was as if someone cast a spell on me. Everybody’s face around me turned to double, darkness clouded my eyes and stars (what appeared like little stars) began to dazzle me, people gathered around me speaking but I could hear not a single sound! I spoke back too but could not hear the sound of my voice! This was so terrifying. All I knew at that moment was my inner voice pleading “Jesus, please save me, save me”. Jesus indeed saved me when I landed on a hospital bed, and I believe He would want me to take good healthy habits seriously. This was the worst moment of my life and it was so terrifying. I realised that death is never far away from us, and to die is so easy. Doctors found, among others: typhoid high, malaria very high, a stomach ulcer has set in, and worst of all low blood pressure—they said no food in my blood system. Wow, I never knew not eating could be a problem. For the first time in my life, in the month of September 2022 AD, I found myself in a hospital and spent three days getting my life back. The doctor was kind and the nurses super friendly—they even force-fed me. Now, what’s most important in life than ‘LIFE’ itself? Yes, your life is the most important in life, cherish it dearly while you still have it because it does not have a duplicate. Don’t damage your health, PLEASE I BEG YOU. I know my medical case was almost a self-inflicted one and ‘trivial’, and I feel deeply sad for those with serious medical cases. The main point is ‘ANYTHING’ can kill a man! Life is so fragile. Stay healthy everyone. EmailSam



First of all, I would like to establish who I am as I pen down this controversial mystery, I received directly from God Almighty through the gift of prophecy of the Holy Spirit. I am not a scientist, so bear with me my rough details; maybe one day, after I mature fully in Spirit fuller details will be revealed to me. I am a Christian, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the calling, gifted with abundant spiritual gifts through divine grace. I will say no more of me than this. Now, having said who I am I will proceed to tell some mysteries, controversial mysteries of this wonderful planet earth we all call our home. Controversial in the sense that I can’t prove them scientifically yet but there are branches of science that have been purporting this possibility due to myriads of strange sightings and experiences that defied the natural law of science. Now, the bombshell? You will have it right away. We humans are not the only ‘Homo Sapiens’ that live on this planet. We are the last to ever appear on earth. Older species of human-like beings have been existing before human beings first appear. God created everything, including creatures that evolved through evolution and modern humans who were ‘created in God’s image’. Yes, evolution theory has a solid point, and the story of creation also has a solid point—God Almighty produced all of them according to His pleasure. Some creatures evolved over thousands and millions of years, but modern humans were CREATED as we are! Modern humans coexisted with other humanoids (for your notification God did not categorise these human-like creatures as subspecies of human beings, it is modern science that gave names and attributed them to subspecies of modern human beings. In God’s view, they were creatures that walked the earth. They fell under the category of every living thing [according to the Bible: “And God said let the earth bring forth the LIVING CREATURE after its kinds…And God made the BEAST of the earth after his kind” Gen.1:24-25.]. All these human-like creatures fell under the category of LIVING CREATURE in God’s view, mankind is the only species God made in HIS image and named—modern science did their research and named some of these creatures as subspecies of modern humans). Unfortunately, all these human-like creatures (some of which predated modern humans by thousands and millions of years) could not survive the earth’s changes and died out, leaving modern humans to propagate and populate the earth. So, pardon evolutionists for mixing everything and denying modern humans coexisted with some evolving human-like creatures—they were just following their solid pieces of evidence. However, no one knows the actual date God created modern humans according to the story of the creation narrated in the Holy Bible. Those seven days of creation are prophetic and not literal days. A day before God is ‘like’ one thousand years before God—Paul the apostle said this in the Bible. Understand this comparison called ‘simile’ in literary diction. Apostle Paul did not say a day before God ‘IS’ a thousand years on earth but ‘LIKE’ a thousand years. A day before God could be a thousand years or a million years or a billion years on earth, no one knows for sure—except God Himself—this is quite fascinating. So, the seven days of creation in the Bible are prophetic, God’s days that could be thousands or millions or billions of years. One thing I know for sure, God created everything before the first modern humans named Adam and Eve. Other humanoid creatures were part of the creations before Adam and Eve. Some of these humanoids, by their physiques, were meant to evolve and keep evolving until the creation of modern humans in the image and likeness of God, to be in a relationship with Him (I think God was experimenting with human-like creatures before He finally decided to create a pair of humans to look like Him in image and likeness, and have dominion over everything on earth that predated them), while the other human-like creatures fizzled out slowly. This is a hard mystery and a controversial one, but it is the truth. There is the probability that the sons of Adam co-mixed with the females of some of these human-like creatures through marriage, some of them must have been at the advanced stage in their evolutionary chain to make their DNA compatible with modern humans. Remember, Adam and Eve had sinned before they mate sexually to produce children after they were driven from the Garden of Eden into the world—there were other creatures in the world before them. Sin had come into the world, and modern human pairs (Adam and Eve) were no longer pure after their disobedience in the Garden of Eden where they were created. There was no moral law back then, the sons of Adam and Eve could have mingled with other human-like creatures the Bible termed LIVING CREATURE in their advanced stage of evolution through sex or married their sisters—they had all sinned and fell short of the glory of God so no sense of prevailing morality to forbid this unholy union. In comparison, in our modern time, it is no longer new to hear or sees healthy human beings having sex with animals. This unholy union did not just start in our times, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ according to the Bible. The ‘other people’ Cain referred to that might want to kill him after God punished him for killing his brother could be the other human-like creatures already in their advanced stage of ascent to be a possible threat to a human population just like a pride of lions could decimate a human settlement and kill every one of them. Everything I have said so far is just for our cooperate world, the physical world we live and feel on earth. There are other worlds on earth too and all of them predated the human world.



Introduction It is not financially advisable to overdraft your credit card but sometimes it does happen. Having a credit card to cover your expenses in this scenario could come as a reprieve. However, there is a limit to how much you can overdraft on your credit card; every financial services provider or institution set a limit, which is prudent for you not to attempt overreaching. Just stick to your credit budget; you will do fine by spending wisely. Costco Company’s credit card issued by Citi Visa has a credit limit, starting from $250 to $5000 at most. You can call this a raise, which is rightly so. However, you can request for a raise in credit limit on your credit card, provided you have a record of accomplishment of prompt re-payment, good transactions, no default payment and so on. Costco Company Costco® is also known as Costco Wholesale Corporation. It is an American Wholesale Club or Warehouse Club that operates retail stores. These chains of stores sell merchandise products at discounted prices to club members. The club members are registered paid members who have to renew their membership yearly at the same fees. Costco® headquarters are located at Issaquah in Washington Costco Wholesale Corporation was founded in 1983. The company sells huge quantities of supermarket items and luxurious goods. Besides operating retail stores, some of these stores also have ancillary businesses that trade in other products and services. Costco Wholesale Corporation has more than 800 stores spread all over the world. The company has more than five hundred stores alone in the United States. It has locations too in countries such as Mexico, Japan, Canada and China. The company also has subsidiaries such as Costco Travel and Kirkland. Costco credit card Costco Company makes use of a Visa® credit card that is issued by Citibank. The card is used anywhere in the world where a Visa® card is acceptable. Two types of credit cards exist for Costco members: The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card and Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card. On both cards Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card and Costco Anywhere Visa® Card you get to enjoy Costco Cash Rewards when you purchase with your account. You will get 4% cash back on a gas you purchase at eligible stations worldwide that amounts up to $7,000 in the first year, thereafter the percentage will drop to 1% yearly. You will get 3% cash back on shopping at restaurants eligible for the benefit anywhere worldwide. You get to benefit from 2% cash back on anything you purchase in Costco retail stores and on Lastly, you will benefit from 1 % cash back on every purchase you make at non-eligible stores worldwide using your Costco Visa® Credit Card. Costco will issue you a benefit certificate yearly with which you can make a purchase or redeem cash. Costco raise credit limit A credit card limit is an amount the card provider or the issuing bank is willing to borrow from the credit card user. It is the maximum amount made available for the card user to use on the credit card. The main purpose of the limit is to keep the user from spending beyond his or her means. Nevertheless, the limit could be frustrating and drag down the user, especially in times of emergency. Costco Visa®’s credit limit is set at $250 minimum with a likely raise up to $5,000 provided the card user has a clean debt re-payment record, good transactions history and acceptable credit scores. Visa® Credit Card Limit Raise A limit on your Costco Visa® credit card could be frustrating, luckily the company made provision for further raise should you request for it—you have to be eligible or else the request will get turned down. Your eligibility is tied to your income record, prompt debt repayment track, transactions history and total credit scores. Your credit card could receive a limit raise anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. Costco® did not give full details on how to request for credit card limit increase; nevertheless, your account must be at least six months old with good track records of transaction and payment history. Three ways you can request for credit limit increase Membership Account: You have the option to request a credit limit increase in your membership account online. Email Address: You can request an email message. Send your request message to Costco email and follow up. Phone Call: Call the Costco service line to speak with their agent and promptly follow all the requirements to get an increase in your credit card limit. Conclusion Costco® Warehouse Clubs is a reputable company based in the United States. The company operates over eight hundred retail stores across the countries and more retail stores in other countries. The retail stores sell supermarket items, luxurious products and other merchandise to membership-only customers who make use of Visa® credit card issued by Citibank to make purchases either online on or at Costco stores. The Visa® credit card has a minimum limit that can be raised automatically or per the request of the credit card user. To get a raise the user can make a direct request either online, by email address or by direct phone call. it is highly expected of the user to have a track record of credit transactions, re-payment history and viable income to be able to get an increase beyond the limit placed on the card. FAQ 1. Will I get a credit card limit increase if I request it? Ans: Probably yes, you will, as long as you don’t have a history of default re-payment, bad transaction record and so on. 2. What is the maximum limit I can get? Ans: The maximum is capped at $10,000. However, there are cases of users capping more than this amount. The decision lies with Costco® base on your transaction history. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION: EmailSamuel Akinola



Introduction Women’s anatomy is more complex than average women know—science backs up this fact. Every woman’s body is unique in her way so each need is different, and at times could be delicate. How this delicate need is meant varies from one woman to the other. Mentor® Breast Implant caters to these special needs with sophisticated products, backed by a recall policy that guaranteed these products. Should the company detect a defect in a specific implant they will issue a recall, citing the serial number of the particular implant in need of the recall. Breast Implant in women Nature has sculpted women’s bodies according to each woman’s genetic makeup. However, there are times science has to step in and augment through the special implant and bodily enhancement to achieve the desired results. Why these implants take place could be a matter of personal preference; more likely a matter of medical necessity—in the case of a single or double mastectomy. Breast implant occurs more often than other implants in women. It is a surgical procedure performed on women to augment the natural breast or simply to replace it. Reasons for this procedure differ. It could be due to medical necessity or just bodily enhancement. What is a breast implant? A breast implant is a prosthesis (a device) that is used to change a person’s breast (size, shape, contour etc.) it is used to enlarge the appearance of the breast—majorly used in women. Breast implant occurs more than other cosmetic implants in women. The procedure is technically called breast augmentation or mammoplasty, which is augmenting a woman’s breast with implants. The reasons could be any or a couple of the following: Correction of surgery: Surgery could leave the woman’s breasts out of proportion. Surgery such as mastectomy (total removal of the breast due to cancer) can leave a woman without natural breasts. A need for breast augmentation with implants can be used to correct this body contour and give the breasts a natural look. Need for bigger breasts: Some women undergo a surgical procedure to have breast implants to increase the size of their natural breasts. Self-image: It is a known fact that most women, if not all women attached importance to how they look (especially to certain parts of their body). Some opted for breast implants to boost their self-confidence regarding the shape, size and contour of their breasts. Weight loss: Losing weight could reduce the size, shape and contour of a woman’s breasts considerably or make them saggy. So, some of these women opted for implants to reshape and resize their breasts to their desired form. Ageing breasts: Women will age, just like everyone else and likewise their breasts. Some women in this category opted for implants to mould their ageing breasts into looking youthful. After pregnancy: Childbirth will impart the size, shape and contour of a woman’s breasts. Some of them who felt the need to correct their breasts opted for implants after childbirth. Risks to breast implants Like many surgical procedures, there are risks involved in breast implants. Breast augmentation risks include:  Breast pain  Chest pain; breast infection; sensation in the breasts and nipples  Possibility of implant rupture or leakage  Capsular contracture (scar tissue that affects the shape of the implant) Most of these risks will need further surgery to either correct, remove or replace the implants. Facts about breast implants  Breast implants would never prevent your breasts from sagging. A breast lift can be recommended to augment breast implants.  Breast implants will not last a lifetime. The medium life span of a breast implant is 10 years.  No matter whether the implants or breasts lift, a woman’s breasts will continue to age. Weight gain and weight loss too will affect the breasts’ size, shape and contour.  Breastfeeding could become very difficult after breast implant.  A breast implant is quite expensive. Insurance companies do not cover breasts implant because it is cosmetic surgery, except in the case of medical purposes such as mastectomy.  More surgeries will be required after an implant to either remove, correct or replace it.  Screening for rupture or leakage is highly recommended. Implants such as silicone need routine MRI to check for rupture. Mentor® Breast Implant This is part of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies founded in 1969. The company is into breast aesthetics. It has been a producer of serialized breast implants, producing high-quality, science-based, long-lasting implants for women’s breasts. Mentor® Products are:  Mentor® MemoryGel® Breast Implants  Mentor® CPGTM Gel Breast Implants  Mentor® SPECTRUMTM Adjustable Saline Breast Implants  Mentor® Saline Breast Implants IMPLANT SERIAL NUMBER RECALL Products can fail, either instantly or over the years. Mentor® offers protection for their products such as:  Free lifetime replacement if your implant rupture.  Up to €1000, financial assistance to cover part of your surgical expenses should your implant rupture.  Mentor® will replace the product free in case of capsular contracture, double capsule and late-stage seroma.  Mentor® will provide a free contralateral implant if your surgeon required it.  Mentor® will automatically enrol you in the Mentor® Promise Protection Plan. Implant recall could happen. It happened on 30th September 2021. Health Canada initiated the Mentor® Breast Implant serial number recall with the product serialized RA-76671. Mentor® recalled the product because of a structural defect that caused deflation. Should you ever get a recall it is recommended that you contact Mentor® for the details required to make a claim. Conclusion: Mentor® Breast Implant serial recall is the medical recall of a product due to likely structural default. FAQ 1. What should I do if my implant is ruptured? Ans: Contact your surgeon and book an emergency appointment. The surgeon will give you the best advice. 2. Can I claim benefits for my ruptured implant? Ans: Contact Mentor® and lay your complaint to get the best options. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION: EmailSamuel Akinola



“Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.” Rev. 22:12 NIV Understand that there is nothing new to add to the prophecy of the Holy Bible; but through grace given freely in Christ Jesus, some of us apostles, or prophets (each according to his/her divine office) have the grace to peep beyond ordinary realm and see marvellous wonders of the Most High God. The Lord God has been making Himself known to human race from the beginning of the world; He has been making His ways known to us, His plans accessible in countless ways. His ultimate gift to humans manifested in the person of Jesus Christ, who then made God’s plans and purposes clearer to us. The beginning of this world and its end are wrapped in baffling mysteries, of which the Bible had told us most of them through spiritually encoded prophesies written in the Book of Revelation—a reverend portion of the Bible shrouded in prophetic mysteries that have been unfolding. Now the Great Harvest approaches and the cauldron of travail of the saints is still cooking. Herein this office I function, an Apostle of Christ, warrior prophet of Jehovah God, however unschooled and slow in speech I am the anointing is heavy on me; I feel it every second of my life. So, I do not write to teach or reveal what the Bible has not said before, but to add clarity to that which has been foretold in the Bible. I pen down this vision on this day, being the 19th day of the month of January 2019 AD. At the first light of the day, before the break of dawn, I was still lying on my bed in a single room where I live alone and unmarried (still in my youth) when the Spirit of the Living God fell on me, and then the scene around me changed (this experience I am familiar with, I must add). I looked at the sky and beheld a male angel whose glorious appearance dazzled the firmament. He had a mighty cup in his hand, made of exceedingly high quality gold that added glory to the dazzled firmament. The angel was streaking across the face of heaven in great speed. I saw another angel of greater size that would fit twenty men put together, and exceedingly glorious appearance that filled the firmament like powerful golden lights. This great male angel had a very big golden trumpet in his hand as if he was about to blow it. He too was streaking across the face of heaven after the first angel in amazing speed. In my spirit state I wondered where they were hastening to. The scene changed; I beheld great travails befell the saints of Christ, those that were found blemished and unfaithful at the arrival of Christ the Lord of Harvest so missed the rapture. Now, it would be by their own blood and by their own sacrifices that they shall inherit the Kingdom of God. Satanic kingdom would dominate the earth in those days, so this kingdom brought great travails upon these saints. Off all their sufferings and persecutions this struck me the most—a terrible evil being done on them. Some of them arrested and tortured for not embracing the ruling power but stood firm in Christ, ghoulish scientists performed experiment on them. They were transformed into man-made, flesh eating, disease ridden demons and unleashed into the sanctuary of the saints. The diseases spread among the saints; I saw brethren turned on brethren eating one another alive! Cannibalism ensured in the camp of the dieseas struck brethren, engineered by the ruling satanic kingdom and its scientists. The sight of blood, torn bodies and horrible carnage as ‘Christian’ turned on one another in ferocious cannibalism. They became zombie-like, disease-struck, fleshing eating, ferocious man-made demons—this evil spread across the camps of these saints. SOMBRE REFLECTION “…Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb! …” Rev.19:9 NIV The vision is clear, the angels are preparing for the Great Super of the saints that will take place in heaven. Jesus, while on earth said “For I tell you I will not drink again from the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.” Luke 22:18 NIV. The golden cup I saw is for Christ, the LORD of the super, and the trumpet is for the call of the saints (which will take place soon, though we don’t know when). This calls for sombre reflection, let the saints be prepared to partake in the rapture and in the wedding super the angels are preparing at the bidding of Christ the Lord of heaven. Be in the habit of evaluating you Christian life, know your sins, confess them and seek amendment with the Lord Jesus lest He leave you behind at His second coming. PRAYERS For the saints in Christ: “Lord Jesus, in humility and supplication I atone for my sins. I hold unto my righteousness which you have purchased for me by your blood, shed on the cross. Keep me in your vineyard, make me watch and pray so that I will be found fit to be united with you on your arrival to take your saints from this evil world.” For salvation: “I kneel at the foot of the cross of salvation, confessing my sins and ungodly ways to you Jesus the saviour. Cleanse me from my sins, cloth me with your righteousness and cause me to walk with you faithfully as I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. O God of heaven shine your light on me, shower me with your mercy, forgive my sins as I accept your SON Jesus Christ into my life. In Jesus name I pray, amen. Peace of the Living God be with you, I pray. Samuel Olusegun Akinola 26th January 2019 EmailOlusegun Akinola



Sam. O. Akinola—22nd Oct. 2020 My heart is heavy, my soul weary, tears clogged my eyes as I pen down my heart in words. Around me (secured in a house I fled into to keep my life), police and soldiers’ bullets filled the air; people running about to escape strayed bullets. My eyes hurt like hell, tears flowing freely down my face as police teargas filled every street. This is chaos, madness of uniformed men. Even the injured are limping trying to escape flying bullets. Few minutes ago a person dropped dead, hit my strayed bullet while his heart-broken friends attempted to drag his corpse away from further danger. The flames of burning police station billowing in the air, while shouts of freedom of prisoners broke out from jail mingled with the societal chaos. Here in Benin City is chaos and madness; the uniformed men had come out to fight not terrorists or militants but harmless Nigerians old and youth alike protesting for better life from the government. Even some corrupted politicians had secured the services of hooligans (yes, we found out this truth) to destabilize the once peaceful protests, just to justify the outpouring of the uniformed men. Nigerians are paying the price with their blood, for their demand of better life from the government. Now shall our labour be in vain? We heard, yes, we saw it, our brothers and sisters meowed down by soldiers and police’ bullets in Lekki and across Lagos. Some died with the Nigerian flags held to their chest ripped open by bullets. The government denied their death, the police denied their death and even the soldiers denied their death—liars. However, we were there, we were the victims, when the mad officers showered us with bullets. The whole world saw it, our brave youth, even in face of death captured their last moment with camera to show the world the price they paid for just demanding a better life from our government. We heard it, yes, we saw it, the colossus warehouse stacked to the brim with hundreds of thousands of bags and packets of food items and essential commodities donated to Nigeria across the world labelled “COVID-19 PALLIATIVES” “NOT FOR SALE” that our evil leaders kept to themselves, their families already bloated with stolen wealth of Nigeria and their fancy girlfriends while the masses wasted away in lockdown hunger! Why, I ask, will some groups of leaders ardently bent to suffer the Nigerians they were supposed to lead to better life. Why, I ask, will our governments continue to embezzle the Nigeria wealth tenure after tenure while millions of Nigerians live in abject poverty! In Nigeria, ordinary senator earns multi-millions of naira in a mouth that two American presidents’ combined salaries paled in comparison. Who cursed the country with lame, incompetent and overtly corrupted governments? Our president, too lame to lead, too heartless to feel our agony, props up by illiterate, power-lust cabals from the north has put us more and more into misery. Now nothing works in Nigeria, foods have become luxurious commodities to buy, electricity we do not have, quality healthcare we do not have, our universities are in shambles and now the police are killing us. Yet we are supposed to be the giant of Africa! We have all the wealth and resources, but are governments are the problems of Nigeria. Now enough is enough! The Nigerians are shouting it, but the government are suppressing us. Our past generations have failed us; we of this generation must not fail our next generation. Will there be a change now, NO, not now, but there will be. The struggles for better life continue; brave young Nigerians are speaking with their blood. We will continue to protest, those who can march out will march out, and some of us good with pen will continue until our bright future comes today. Samuel Olusegun Akinola: EmailOlusegun Akinola



Sam. O. Akinola—18th Oct. 2020 The youth are angry, for a country with the highest youth population in the world this should be worrisome, especially for the fact that every Nigerian youth is somehow baked hard by the harsh political and economic situations into a perpetual state of militancy. Police brutality, while not something new in the country (in the world as a whole) has become a festered sore and now Nigerians are saying ‘enough is enough’, but who will listen with the crops of perpetually incompetent political leaders the country is plagued with, feeding fat on the wealth of the nation. “End SARS”, “End police brutality” is now the reigning mantra as thousands upon thousands of Nigerians (mostly youth) protest all over the country against the endemic police brutality. SARS, a unit of the Nigerian Police Force (Special Anti-robbery Squad) was set up in the era of 1984 to combat growing cases armed robbery. The general notion is that the unit has outlasted its useful. The unit is bedeviled with brutality, barbaric torture of victims, wanton extra-judicial killings, extortion, bribery and so on. Since 1990s several human rights organizations have documented cases of human right violation. It is reported that in June this year Amnesty international released a report that documented more than 80 cases of SARS human rights abuse such as ill-treatment, torture, extra judicial killings between 2017 and 2020. Personally I can relate with the feelings of my fellow Nigerians. I recalled about two years ago, my distant cousin, a lad of about 21 years old, got mugged by SARS on his way from work. They accused him of being a ‘YAHOO BOY’, a lad who was apprenticing as a barber. After rounds of slaps to dazzle his face they forced him to ATM machine and had him withdraw 40,000 naira to bail himself on the spot or else he find himself in prison; that was the money sent into his bank account for the upkeep of his younger sisters. I felt so bad when the lad with teary eyes reported later to me. So, from experience I knew the evil of this most-corrupted police unit called SARS. This police unit has become a disease, the sore has festered into a disease that must be eliminated from the Nigerian society. The worrisome issue is, will our leaders listen to the voices of Nigerians? What will then happen to the billions of naira being allocate to this unit annually? Will the corrupted cabals benefiting immensely from this billions not find way to fight the masses back to keep this ‘hooligan police unit’? Well, let’s watch how the government will handle the protest and the demand to end police brutality. This is a wake-up call that Nigerians had had enough of the suffering and hardship sweeping across the nation because of bad governance and political corruption. The international communities are firmly in support of Nigerians demanding for their rights. The right organizations such as Black Lives Matter have voiced their support. Some Celebrities in entertainment and technology industries too have shown solidarity to Nigerians to demand for their fundamental human rights. Now the struggles continue, the sore has festered but will there be healing? I pray there should be, or else violence is rousing, its prospect is alarming. Samuel Olusegun Akinola: EmailOlusegun Akinola


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