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Trilove Media is a creative enterprise with a broad range of services that centre on computer technology, media sector, creative writing, freelance journalism, cinematic arts, crafts and tutorial in related fields.  


To run a media enterprise that cut across different sectors, harnessing talented individuals in the areas of computer technology, innovation, creative writing, performing arts, visual arts, craft design, academic excellence through competent tutoring for social development, growth and economic productivity.

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Trilove—coined from ‘Trinitarian love of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’ is a Christian concept conceived in November 2016 and registered in Nigeria in January 2017 as Trilove Artmed (Art & Media).

Entrepreneurship is the bulwark of financial successes, hence our dedication to professionalism by harnessing human and material resources for economic development and artistic beauty.

We believe that talents are gifts, gifts that should be harness for social, human and economic development. True entrepreneur success lies in creativity, an Excellency which we priced high.

It takes professional discipline—in any field of course—to be able to organise sketches of thoughts and ideas into a meaningful entity, and produce something worthwhile. It takes, even more, to project this special product into the society that needs it. Nevertheless, this is what we do; every society needs creative minds and we at TRILOVE ART & MEDIA are here just for you!

We believe you could live up your dream; churn out something beautiful that will stretch across times. If you can’t do it on your own, then reach out to those with gifted minds to take your ideas and transform them into magnificent entities for posterity. Posterity is another dream to live up to and it is what we live up to in all our professional services and creative pieces.

You have that special thing in you and that special taste for aesthetics. We at TRILOVE understand the love for artistic enterprise; with a network of professionals, we will express your taste in a viable entity. Check out our series of services, with your impeccable taste the sky is no longer our limit!B

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